OOV GALLERY is a normad gallery which was founded in 2016 in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

OOV GALLERY represents Nordic simplicity with a modern artistic style.

A select group of well-established contemporary Nordic artists are represented by OOV GALLERY – their works consisting of a variety of media and different modes of expression. The main focus, however, is contemporary paintings on canvas, sculptures and ceramics.

The aim of OOV GALLERY is to showcase the modern artistic quality that Scandinavia has to offer to an international audience, and therefore to promote OOV GALLERY’s existence beyond domestic borders. The gallery aims to do this by opening POP UP galleries and by participating in international art fairs and events, where it will exhibit its artists’ talents.



OOV GALLERY is a nomad gallery based in Denmark - with the world as its playground.


Besides being a contributing artist herself, Christina Julsgaard is the prime mover behind OOV GALLERY. Established in 2016,

Julsgaard wishes to show the world what contemporary Danish artists have to offer ... Read more about Christina Julsgaard under “ARTISTS”.


CONTACT Christina Julsgaard

T: +45 51 64 00 48


Showroom Århusgade 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, open by appointment.