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Danish artist Jesper Liengaard was born in 1977 in Aarhus, Denmark and has always been a creative individual, also having a successful background in the advertising industry.

Liengaard’s works are an abundance of contrasts: beautiful yet dark, serious yet humoristic, absurd yet reasonable.

His colour choice is evocative yet laid-back, and his style is simple, focusing on a single motive: his characteristic pear-shaped obese man.

This motive is seen again and again in different situations from the real world, in which it acts as a sort of caricature.

The motive is peculiar, yet deeply serious, and offers critical commentary on the world we live in.

Jesper Liengaard therefore offers us insight in a world where fragments of reality are sampled and transferred to a peculiar cartoon- inspired universe.

Liengaard’s paintings  establish a place for us to challenge our identities with an inviting component of black humor, and art critic Trine Rytte Andersen says of Jesper Liengaard’s art:

He manages to provoke me, but in an elegant way that is attractive and peaks my curiosity.