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Frederik Kløve Jacobsen was born on December 13th, 1972 and was always very interested in the art world, even as a child.

But it was not until 1999 that he decided to turn his private passion into a career path.

Frederik Kløve now works as a self-taught artist with a studio in the second-largest city in Denmark: Aarhus. He works with structured and textured pieces where the abstract expression meets a figurative one.

In recent times, Kløve has been inspired by both European and American underground, pop and film culture.

Art historian and critic Henrik Broch-Lips states that Frederik Kløve Jacobsen’s works set him apart from other Danish contemporary artists because of these points of inspiration, and that his art is expressive, confident and symbolic.

Broch-Lips sees Frederik Kløve’s paintings as graffiti-inspired and in a way culturally hacking, containing explosive outlets of popular images and characters which have been “attacked” with cheap spray cans, broad brush strokes and adhesive tape to the sounds of rock music in the background.

Frederik Kløve Jacobsen’s style is therefore both progressive and an interesting cultural commentary, and his works are anything but boring.



Comwell Kellerspark, Brejning, Denmark
(5 Star Spa & Wellness Hotel)
Gabriel textile factory, Aalborg, Denmark
AKF Koncern, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Dermatologisks, Aarhus, Denmark
VUC Vestegnen, Denmark


Agora Gallery, New York
Gallery DOCK 56, Hamburg, Germany
Gallery bn24, Hamburg, Germany
Skagen Odde Naturcenter, Denmark
Gallery Salling, Denmark