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Christina Julsgaard was born in 1976 and has a background in fashion design. She established her own Danish clothing brand YIIP COPENHAGEN at the age of 24, and has kept the entrepreneurial spirit going throughout the years by starting all over again at 33, where she switched from the design world to the art world to pursue her love of painting.

Julsgaard’s modern art works are inspired by her background in graphic design and her education within the therapeutic world. Her style is therefore abstract, clean-cut and minimalistic but also organic, pulsating and energetic as she draws inspiration from the human mind and life’s experiences.

Today, Christina Julsgaard’s works include larger paintings in acrylic on canvas and smaller brass sculptures which are 3D representations of the shapes and lines found in her paintings.

Art critic Ole Lindboe on Christina Julsgaard’s art:

Christina Julsgaard knows the art of composing her pictures with an ease that is charming and a raw will that comes from a genuine painter’s temperament. She can force out the graphical rigor that is precisely required in the abstract expression. She has the creative mindset that is needed for the abstract expression to not just be another repetition. And she possesses the lyrical mindset that is needed for the paintings to exude poetry and feeling.




Noeli Gallery, Shanghai, China
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, China
Achtzig Gallerie, Berlin, Germany
Hanseart, Lübeck, Germany
Art Gallery Dencker+Schneider, Berlin, Germany
Galleri C, Bordeaux, France
Galleri C, Amsterdam, Holland
Galleri C, Haeg, Holland
Galleri C, Barelona, Spain


KBH Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
Galleri 22 Bredgade, Copenhagen, Denmark
Tinghuset, Ebeltoft, Denmark
Galleri Sonne, Frederiksberg, Denmark
X-Porten, Hundested, Denmark
Galleri Lyrum, Aarhus, Denmark
Galleri Artexpo, Aarhus, Denmark
Galleri Weibull, Bornholm, Denmark
Galleri Liisberg, Hundested, Denmark
Galleri Brænderigården, Horsens, Denmark
Galleri Art “N” Time, Viborg, Denmark
Galleri Oxholm, Copenhagen, Denmark
Interstudio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Galleri Weibull, Vedbæk, Denmark


Kunst For Alle, Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hanseart, Lübeck, Germany
Fængslet, Horsens, Denmark
Kunst For Alle, Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark
Blickfang - International Design Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong, China
Femina livsstilsmesse, Copenhagen, Denmark
Oxholm ROOM, Bolig Mad Design, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen Art Fair, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Hillerød Art Fair, Hillerød, Denmark
Kunst, Mad & Vin, Frederiksberg, Denmark
Artville Art Fair, Hellerup, Denmark

Interstudio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Elephant Parade Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
ILVA, Ishøj, Denmark
SOHO Kødbyen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Happy X-mas Trees, Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Fængslet, Horsens, Denmark
Kunst For Alle, Ridehuset, Aarhus, Denmark