Danish artist Casper Eliasen was born in 1974 in Aarhus, Denmark. He started up studying furniture design but already at the age of 18 he had his first art show.

Soon after as an educated furniturearcitect he choose the career of being a full time artist.

Looking at Casper Eliasen's paintings, you discover that everything is composed by opposit elements. Circles meet with elongated rectangles. Poetic colors come up with nude letters and graphical architectural drawings, and fine lines run next to rushing rivers of pigment. The most dominant feature of the paintings, however, is the colouristic contradiction between Casper Eliasen's safe color selection. He swings between lyrically tuned tones, into violent and explosive color bombs.

The inspiration is taken in the contrast between natural impressions and the vibrant city life. The paintings are people, houses, air balloons, viewpoints, etc.

Concrete elements that contrast with the abstract floating colorants.

Are they a part of - or on their way?

Nature and culture speak together. Beautifully combined into Casper Eliasen's paintings.